Just Start!!

Just Start!!

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just sit and think about all the things you desired to do but never did? I have been having a lot of those moments lately, just sitting and thinking about the time I used to be a great planner but a bad doer. However, I grew out of that habit and took charge of my life and now I am becoming a better doer with minor and less regrets 🙂

Everyone has goals in life, either short or long term and those can bring so much joy if achieved :). I have realized that often times we set goals, jot them down and even paste them on the wall as part of our vision. We get so excited about them, we draft a great plan and everything becomes so clear and sound.

BUT! What about having to actually take that first step towards achieving those goals? I have come to the realization that starting can be the most difficult thing to do. We can have a great plan, constructed clearly in our minds or on paper but fail to put it to action.


Why is that so? Is it because we like the idea of seeing the outcome of a goal in our mind? is it because we are lazy? do we not like the idea of putting in the work? So many people died with great ideas that could change the world and the only person that stopped them is themselves by “Not starting”!

Starting is very important! Imagine getting inside a car to drive to a destination, you have to start the ignition, even if you are not sure to reach your destination or you are not certain that the car will get you there, the first and most important thing to do is to start! Start the car!

The question is, why do we often take time to start? AGAIN, Are we scares of failure? Do we not like the idea of starting small? Are we scared of judgment from other people? maybe we are, but then are we not afraid of facing REGRETS if we do not start?

“Regret” this is a disease that many of us live with on a daily basis. There is not bitter feeling than regretting “an opportunity” that you can never receive again. So by us not taking the power to start does that mean we are signing up for later regret in life? Perhaps so!


Think about all the things that you have ever wanted to do, opportunities that you let pass by, great ideas that you had but let go, skills that you wanted to learn but never did, a business that you wanted to start but never did, a song that you wanted to write but never did, a question that you wanted to ask, a call that you wanted to make, an email that you wanted to write, a job that you wanted to apply for, a fitness journey that you wanted to embark on. Ask yourself this question? Had I started then, how far could I have gotten now?

Avoid starting a chapter of regrets in your life, give yourself a fair chance, START, do not think about the outcome, Just start!!


Emm 🙂

What will people say?

What will people say?

Hi Beautiful people ❤

Its been a minute since I wrote a blog post! 😦

I have been so busy for the past two weeks trying to be a productive student, my sleeping pattern is so messed up, but things are a bit settled! Well, at least for the next 3 days.

Anyway, just recently, I was talking to a friend about people who always strive in finding the negative in the most positive things that a person can do and how that creates fear and stopping people from doing what can bring them contentment.

That made me realize that a lot of people still bow down to other peoples opinions on their lives and are still concerned with “What will people say” ?

How many times have you had people dictating every little thing you do with your life? I sometimes wonder if those kind of people have time to actually live their own lives.

Over the years I have mastered the art of dismissing derogatory remarks from condescending people. It can get so annoying when people feel the need to question every move you make and always try to give an opinion on how and how you should do things. Such people can lead you astray if you are not firm on how you want to live your life.

A lot of people really fail to stand firm with the decisions they make or plans they want to achieve because they get swiped by stereotyped people instilling their own kind of notions in them. One thing for sure is that “You are your own kind and no matter what you decide to do with your life, you do not owe anyone an explanation towards that“.

It buffles me how much people are afraid to dream and how they let others limit their abilities. I constantly witness people tapping out on what could bring fulfilment in their lives because they want to avoid “the talkers“.

Life is too short to be living a life that needs to be approved by somebody else.

Everyone has come to this life for a different purpose and we all find fulfillment from different things, we are built to have different desires therefore do not be afraid to step out and pursue what makes you happy even if it is out of your comfort zone.

People will always have a say whether you are doing bad or good, I cannot count how many times people made me feel stupid for pursuing my masters degree “I get this all the time”, and I have had “good” people scrutinizing me for doing pageants simply because you get to wear a bikini publicly. This goes to show that you can never win everyone, people can judge you for simply “breathing” clean air.

Realize that you will always have people plugging onto you an wiggle like tails.

Never fail to stand firm on your dreams, Never stop to pursue your own kind of contentment and Never feel the need to fit in with the norm.

Realize the power that is invested within you and become deaf towards those who question your way of living and choices you make. Judgments are and will always be there and that should be another thing to use to keep you firm and going.

This life is for you to live and to fulfill your purpose, strive to satisfy yourself and stand firm in achieving your dreams.

Live your life fully so you can never wake up with regrets.



Believe is a verb.

Believe is a verb.

Believe in yourself MORE…

There were so many occasions in my life where I wanted to give up on myself, not because I was weary, but because I never believed in myself. Those were the times were other people believed in me more than I believed in myself, trusted me more than I trusted myself and saw more in me.

There were nights where I laid down quietly in my bed and fed myself all the negative junk that justified why I should give up on myself but no-matter how far I was on the verge of giving up, there was always that voice within me that will spark a little hope to not give up.

You can have as many people believing in you, but that would not matter, until you believe in yourself,  nothing can ever manifest or be achieved!!

Believing in yourself starts with knowing who you are and understanding that you are 100% capable of achieving anything you can ever set your mind to… See, all the books that we buy and read on how we can achieve success, how we can acquire this and that should not really be the first trigger of our realization that we are capable of anything.

We are all born with faith and belief, that makes us fairly the same, but what differentiates one from the other is how far you take your faith and belief. You can make yourself believe that you have belief in yourself and yes! That is the initial step but the most important step is acting towards that belief.

Even though we are surrounded by those who believe in us and those who absolutely don’t, you can be cheered or pulled down but it really does not matter and may not affect us in any way, well, maybe a little bit to give us that push. Still! The real magic lies in doing 🙂

You are capable of anything, you have all the resources you need to acquire everything and no matter how many cheerers you have, you are your most important cheerer.

Don’t just believe in yourself, Put an action towards believing in yourself 🙂

Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going.

Chantal Sutherland

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Emily ❤


Keep on keeping on!!

Keep on keeping on!!

Hello Hello Beautiful people 🙂

Yet another week coming to an end, this was a tiring and long week for me. I can only say that I deserve a good rest and a perfect treat to have finally survived 🙂

I am sure that a lot of people have had a moment at some point in their lives where they just sit down and ask themselves (why is my life in such chaos?), (when am I getting my breakthrough?), (why do I have to go through this?) well, I am here to tell you that you are not alone, tribulations are part of life and the sooner you STOP and accept that, it is when you put yourself in a better position to deal with life and all the stones that will be thrown at you.

We have created a world where facing troubles can only be escaped through suicide, alcohol, drugs and all the other things. It fazes me so much that as humans, we were born with the instinct to not give up, look at this; a toddler would scream, bang themselves against the wall, kick whatever that is on their way and cry for the longest hours till they get what they want, but as we grow up we tend to lose that ability and kill that instinct.

Why has that happened?

We also tend to throw ourselves miserable pity parties and try to invite as many people as we can so that everyone can join us in our misery. There is nothing that is time wasting as a pity party, they can only drown you and suck every bit of hope you had in you.

No one was ever put on a pedestal and said “Life would be as easy as 1-2-3”, even God Himself never promised a life free of troubles but He promised full supply of strength, steadfastness, endurance, hope and comfort. We do no mercy to ourselves when we keep seeking a trouble free life, the hunt of such a non existent life will do nothing but devastate us.

Remember, each and everyone of us is born with a purpose, it does not matter what kind of faith you have or religion you follow. God has planted a purpose in each and everyone of us, this purpose is so powerful and glorious that the enemy’s job is to kill, steal and destroy it. The moment you are born, is the moment you step into your purpose because you were created to serve a purpose on this earth.

Yes, we cannot live a life where we are as tough as a stallion, we will have moments of breaking down and thinking of giving up but we need to develop the spirit of keeping on. You will be kicked so many times while you are down but always know that there is someone who is going through worse and there is always hope, and that hope is worth fighting for.

In the midst of it all, I am going to be blunt and tell you that (IT IS OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY BECAUSE YOU ARE HUMAN) but “STOP the endless pity parties, stop crying endlessly, get up and lean on God, you can only be made strong by the strength you get from Him.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, when you encounter trial of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance” James 1 verse 2-3.

This the craziest scripture I have ever read during a time when I was hopeless, in the midst of disappointment, depression  and devastation. How do you turn your misery into joy? My friend when the enemy does not try to knock you out will all sorts of blows you must get worried, he never wastes his time trying to fight a dead soldier, you are alive and he trembles the moment you open your eyes every morning.

Lean unto God and keep on keeping on.

Psalm 27:1 

“The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”

Psalm 138:3 

“In the day when I cried out, You answered me, and made me bold with strength in my soul.”

I hope you enjoyed the post 🙂 Please do let me know on the comment section below on how did you overcome a tough season in your life and what made you to not give up on life?

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With Love,


Vision board 101

Vision board 101


Hello Beautiful People ♥

I am writing this post on a very quiet night, this moment calls for a cup of coffee but I do not like coffee, coffee can literally keep me up for the longest hours at night and as a person who loves her sleep, I just stay away from coffee…

So, let us talk about a vision board!

I am sure a lot of you have heard of “this idea” at some point in your life but perhaps never really put it into a good thought. I for one have known about vision boards for a very long time and I finally created one of my own this year. What I am about to say will sound peculiar but “A vision board really works wonders”, it has been such a short time since I had mine but it has helped me to take action toward my goals.

so, What is a vision board? “A vision board is simply a display of images and/or quotes that reminds you on a daily basis to focus and take action on the things you want to achieve in your life”

I read a lot on it before making one of my own and I realized that a bold emphasis is being put on the fact that vision boards are difficult to work on due to goals not having to manifest as quickly as one desires, therefore people tend to dismiss everything that they once believed that they will one day achieve.

The excitement that goes into creating a vision board is the same excitement one has at the beginning of the year while setting “new year resolution goals”, you tend to dwell in joy and find a sense of fulfillment with an incredible faith that everything will be achieved one day.

Prior to completing my own vision board I had an affirmation application that I downloaded just after reading the book “The power of your subconscious Mind By Joseph Murphy“. The affirmation application was like any other typical application that had daily phrases that I had to say out loud, whether default or custom affirmation quotes. I got the hang of it and  funny enough; my custom quotes were all the things that are now currently on my vision board. The only difference was a shift from words to images.

Why do you need to create a vision board?

Every single person has a vision board stuck in their mind somewhere but with all the things happening in our daily lives that exhaust us physically,emotionally and psychologically,we tend to blur that vision and never really focus on it as we have to. There is a lot going on in our lives and who has time to go to the gym even when you badly want to shed a few kilos? But waking up every single morning to be reminded of the things you want to accomplish really propels one to make time and take action which is the main aim of board.

A few more reasons to make a vision board is that:

  • We all have tried to keep a list somewhere but ended up stashing inside a book and eventually forgotten about it.
  • We cannot work on goals that only exists in our heads.
  • We are all quick to say “I want to…” and comfortable to say ” I will get…: but never ready to “Put action into…”
  • We are all surrounded by negative people with little minds who are there to belittle our dreams so it is easy to trash our goals due to the negativity we are surrounded by.
  • The say a vision board is the key to the law of attraction, why not give it a go? you have nothing to lose 🙂

Telling yourself that you want to achieve something is a good idea, keeping that at the back of your mind is totally trashing it away, having friends to remind you of that goal is a little something and they will eventually get tired but looking at that goal every morning and night is sure a fuel to keep you on your toes and take action in attracting what you desire to achieve.

How do you create a vision board?

  1. There really isn’t a proper way to create a vision board,what is very important is to firstly do a deep self introspection and think clearly on what you really want to accomplish.
  2. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and work around them.
  3. Understand your short term goals and long term goals.
  4. Get pictures that depict your goals and paste them on a board/chart ” Be creative”.
  5. Keep the board where you can see it every morning and night.
  6. Reflect on it daily by affirmation or prayer.
  7. Take action and do not give up!!

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world” By Joel A. Barker.

Here is an example of a vision board that I just created online 🙂

Vision board 2017

I hope you enjoyed the post 🙂 Please do let me know on the comment section  what your vision board comprises of and if you have not done it yet, what do you think of the idea?

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With Love,