Bye to dry skin this winter…

Bye to dry skin this winter…

Hello Beautiful People ūüôā

It is that time of the year again!! Winter is finally here and this means double protection for our skin.

Cold weather is definitely the number one enemy for our skin and everyone needs to take extra care of their skin and make sure that it is constantly moisturized.

We all have different skin types and our skin reacts differently to every season. I have realized that my skin dries up quickly during winter whereas other people experience this during summer due to the excess heat. As much as we read about dehydrating our skin by drinking plenty of water, we cannot just rely on water and ditch using a good moisturizers.

A lot of people do not realize the importance of moisturizing their skin till they reach the ages of 30-35 when the skin starts to react to everything that they have been doing in their 20s. The skin can survive dryness, free radicals and harsh products while we are still in our 20s but once we head towards the 30s hell breaks loose. It is therefore crucial that we feed our skin with the “good” stuff.

A lot of people never really care about moisturizing their skin but here is a quick question? Why is it that we often feel the need to moisturize our lips and hands multiple times a day? yet we do not find it important to do it twice a day for the rest of the body?

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The most important thing that you can ever do for your skin is to use a good moisturizer, whether you have dry, sensitive or oily skin, every type of skin needs to be moisturized. Every article on skin care always emphasis this and it is great to adopt a good skin care regime as early as we can. Here are some of the tips to help you combat dry skin during winter ūüôā



What can I use to hydrate/moisturize my skin and why?

  • Essential oils – they are packed with antioxidants, they help with skin elasticity, protects skin from sun damage, they minimize enlarged pores and ¬†reduces wrinkles.
  • Water – this is the most natural way to hydrate your skin and make it look more healthy and glowing.
  • Shea butter (refined or unrefined) – shea butter is the healer of every skin problem, it is 100% natural and you can use it from head to toe. It can be mixed with essential oils for deep moisturizing.
  • Vitamin C Facial serum – this is best for people who are following an anti-aging regime, serums are excellent for increasing skin elasticity. It also helps with collagen production which makes your skin to look more nourished.
  • Any moisturizer that has good essential oils – any moisturizer that has essential oils is also highly recommended.
  • Sun screen – this is good for people who do not want to use any oil based moisturizer on their skin.
  • Glycerin¬†– it locks natural skin moisture and helps the skin to glow

Moisturizing also helps the skin to repair itself quicker especially if you are getting rid of dark spots, acne or uneven skin tone. Another thing that I have experienced over the years is that the use of vanishing creams strips off the skins natural oil this causes the skin to over produce oil, clogs pores and this leads to acne.

Misconception: A lot of people associate acne with oily skin which is not always the case. People with dry skin who are acne prone produce more oil than those with oily skin because the skin is always on survival mode to rescue itself form the dryness by producing more oil and this  causes acne breakouts.


Ditch chapped and dry skin this winter for a more glowing beautiful skin ūüôā



Emm x.x





My skin care products & regime

My skin care products & regime

Hi Beautiful people ūüôā

I posted a Facebook photo status about my skin and how it used to be back in 2012/13. I did not say much about it but I got a few comments and inbox messages on what I use to clear out my skin so I decided to write a blog post on my skin regime and the products I use.


Tracking back to my teenage years I never ¬†had any problem with my skin, I can actually say that my skin was perfect!! No pimple, no breakout, no hyper pigmentation whatsoever. In 2012 I started to experience acne for the very first time in life, it was devastating and daunting to make it go away. This is a struggle that most people just don’t understand!! Once you have acne, you have to fight it for the rest of your life!!

But in all honesty, mine was really not that bad!! I just had constant breakouts especially on my cheeks. I still break out but once in a while ūüôā Thank God

“Back then I was not really clued up with what my skin needed, I never even read much about skin care”

I tried so many products throughout the year 2012 and nothing worked!! The acne/breakouts carried on to 2013 and still no product worked but what I noticed was that during winter I did not breakout that much but when spring lapped I would start to breakout again.

I started reading on skin and acne treatments and it was when I decided to try natural product and/or products with certain ingredients, sadly at that time I was willing to spend any amount of money as long as I could fix my face ūüė¶

over the past 2/3 years I figured out what works for me, I do switch up products sometimes but I never go far from the brands or similar ingredients.. uhhmmm okay, enough about me!! Lets get to my skincare regime;

Please note! It took me sometime to get the products that work for me, I use different brands which is something that dermatologists¬†do not recommend but these products work well for me ūüôā

Step 1

I cleanse my face with (Garnier) Pure Active Daily Pore Scrub Wash Рfor Oily to Combination Skin.  It has salicylic acid which deep cleanse and combats acne. I also use the (Sorbet) rechargeable Facial Cleanser several times a week.

  Step 2

I tone my face with  (Nivea) Daily Essentials Refreshing Toner Рfor Normal & Combination Skin. It removes residues from deep within, it also has vitamin E and hydra Q which hydrates the skin.

Step 3

I use (Nivea) Daily Essentials Light moisturizing Day Cream Рfor Normal & Combination Skin. It is not heavy on my skin, it hydrates and gives my skin a glow. It also contains SPF 15 and it does not clog pores.  At night I use the moisturizer together with (Dis-chem) drops of jojoba oil for maximum hydration. It controls acne break outs and softens skin.

Step 4

I wear (Every sun Everyday Рsunscreen lotion)  daily to protect my skin from UV radiation that can cause hyper pigmentation and constant breakouts. I use SPF 40 on my face. This will make your skin shiny and look oily, I know a lot of people do not like that, I did not either, but I got use to its texture.


When it comes to exfoliating, I use different products from different brands.

  • (Hey Gorgeous) Honey and oatmeal facial scrub. All natural scrub which soothes, heals and hydrates skin.
  • (Bioskin Rx) Black bamboo soap. It is known as African black soap, It deep cleanse the skin, reduced dark spots and gives¬†the skin that velvet feel. “I sell the skin products”.
  • (Garnier) Pure active intensive charcoal scrub, this scrub is no longer produced, it is replace with the NEW Pure Active Intensive 3-in-1 Charcoal Anti-Blackhead which I am yet to try.

On another note, here are a few tips into getting a better looking skin

  1. Make sure you know your skin type before purchasing or switching to a new product (Normal, oily, combination, sensitive or dry). Use products that are only suitable for your skin type.
  2. Use sunscreen throughout the year, your skin will thank you later. (SPF 30+)
  3. Exfoliate your skin two to three times a week.
  4. MOISTURIZER! MOISTURIZE! MOISTURIZE! STOP using products that dry out your skin.

I am still working on my skin as I have mild dark spots on my cheeks and I may switch products as time goes on but for now I am happy with what I am using.


Thank you for reading, I hope this helps someone out there. Please leave a comment below to advise anyone on how they can deal with problematic skin or tell us about your skin regime. To comment please first click on the post, then click the

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Love Emily.

Disclaimer: This is not a product review post and I am not sponsored by any brand mentioned above.