Suitable Jobs for students – Earn extra money

Suitable Jobs for students – Earn extra money


Hi Beautiful People ❤

I hope you all had super awesome Easter holidays!

As most of you know, I am a University student, I have had my fair share of experiencing the work environment for a few years and having to switch back to the student lifestyle was a bit of a glitch in terms of financing myself. I had to find ways of earning extra money to survive and buy stuff for myself 🙂

I know there are a lot of young people or students who are thinking of ways to earn extra income, so I thought of sharing a few tips on how you can achieve that 🙂

There are so many things that one can do to earn extra income but not all jobs would fit ones schedule, so here is a list of jobs that are fairly suitable for students or someone who already has a job but needs an extra bit of cash:

  1. Weekend retail assistant/ Cashier
  2. Brand Promotions
  3. Events runner
  4. Products distributor


Weekend retail assistant/Cashier

One can work in a retail store on weekends or during the week to relieve permanent staff members. This kind of job requires one to be flexible every weekend during the period given on the contract. I highly recommend retail stores in developed shopping centers / malls because one can be guaranteed to earn higher pay rates than normal. Most stores pay on an hourly basis and pay rates may double during public holidays. Rates may differ from R20 to R40 per hour or more.

*Tip 1 – Stores with fewer employees are more likely to offer higher hourly rates.

*Tip 2 – Sending a short and clear CV/resume with an attractive image of yourself to as many retail stores as you can may increase your chances of getting the job.


Brand promotions

This is by far the most rewarding job for students, brand promotions includes handing out free samples/ pamphlets in stores, telling customers more about the brand or selling new products. Promotional jobs take place throughout the year and as a student you can also look for promotional jobs that are related to your career field. As a Biotechnology student, I have done pharmaceutical promotional jobs, it is much more easier and fun to be familiar with the jargon when promoting a product.

Promotional jobs rates are quite rewarding, rates are roughly from R50 to R150 per hour depending of the brand and some companies may pay up to R1000 a day.

*Tips 1 – Join as many “promotional agencies” social media groups or get in touch with recruiting companies.

*Tips 2 – Job offers get a lot of applicants, and sadly recruiters are usually looking for specific physical look therefore a good professional  picture of yourself may just get you the job.

Events runner

This is one of the best part time jobs I have ever done, you literally get paid to have fun. Fun fare events require a lot of stuff personnel to make them a success and one can earn extra money just by being part of the event. Being an events runner includes, being a cos-player, handing out food packs, face painting, singing/dancing with kids, playing games and decorating play stages. In most cases such jobs pay on a daily basis and one can get roughly R250 to R800 per day.

*Tip 1 – Get in touch with promotional recruiting companies.

Product distributor

This is the most flexible job that is easy to maneuver around ones schedule. This requires one to buy products in bulk so as to sell to clients, in most cases a distributor gets massive discounts when buying products in bulk. To be a product distributor can be daunting at the beginning when you do not have a clientele, but once that sorted, it becomes easier and less stressful. There are a lot of companies that require distributors but I would advise one to look for a niche product in order to speed up ones clientele.

If you are distributing a product in your area where there are 20 other distributors of the same product, you might be a bit slower on profit gains but if you distribute a product where you are 1 of 5 people in an area, you are guaranteed to make good profit.

Profits of this kind of job depend on the number of clients you have, the time you are willing to put in and sometime you may need to put in a bit of cash to get more profits. It is wise to give out free samples to new customers in order to gain more clients, this works well if you are selling cosmetics.

*Tip 1 – Advertise your products on social media and through friends/family. Once you build a good clientele the quality of your relationship with your clients will grow your business.

*Tip 2 – Have a good relationship with your customers.


Part time jobs are also one of the best ways to build your resume and build the best acquaintances ❤








2 thoughts on “Suitable Jobs for students – Earn extra money

  1. Wow I wish I heard a leverage, I looked for part time jobs 3 years on my varsity life and all doors were shut before my eyes. As desperate as I was I had to give up until I got a job at the compass. I asked myself maybe I did not know people, or I was not popular as you know I have always been an introvert, I guess at the time it work as a disadvantage to me. Currently am still looking for weekend jobs but am still not succeeding maybe someday I will get through.


    1. It can be devastating at times but I realised that the key is to keep knocking. One of the best ways is to keep in contact with retail store managers on a regular basis, it helps you to be a preference oncee they have a part time post available. For someone like you who is already employed, I’d really encourage you to be a product distributor, you can start small at work and work your way to getting more cliets through family and friends. You’d be surprised how best “word of mouth” advertising is… ❤

      You don’t have to be an extrovert, fortunately have social media platforms to bridge that gap for us 😊



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