A welcome note…

A welcome note…

Hello Hello!

A Big welcome to my blog!

I cannot believe that I am officially done with setting up this blog, it has taken a whole lot of me, a number of tutorial videos and more time. I have gotten so confused on the type of theme to go for but I am crossing figures that everyone will love the look as much I do 🙂

Just as the name of the blog says, the objective is based on taking a moment with me, talking about all the things that makes life “LIFE”and living it completely.

Since the beginning of the year I have been  compelled to start this blog but I wanted to wait for the right moment so I can put enough effort and focus on it. My heart has never let go of this idea and just after reading the book “Lost and Found” by Sarah Jakes Roberts, I just had to start this blog. She is a phenomenal woman and I just have to acknowledge her.

There are so many things that I am looking forward to share through this blog, but the main thing that is more exciting for me is that this blog will be a medium where I will engage with my audience on a personal level, this blog is basically a DIARY for everyone and for the most part it will be that pot of motivation whenever you need a boost 🙂

I have just started a fitness journey last year but I have only started to put 100%  focus in February 2017, I am super excited about sharing moments of it and that will definitely put positive pressure on me and I am totally up for the challenge.. Yey!!

Just one more thing, I will have loads and loads of lifestyle tips that I believe might be helpful and hopefully I will get to do awesome product reviews in the future. There might just be a prospect of a YouTube channel as well but that needs a lot of preparation, time and dedication, with enough tools on my side, that is most definitely a goal in the basket.

I never want to wake up tomorrow and regret the chance I had to do what my heart longed  with the excuse of not knowing where to begin, Like Milton Berle said “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

My hope for this blog is that somebody out there takes a bit of time and enjoy the moment with me.

Feel free to subscribe & comment 🙂 also let me know below what you think of the look.

Lets live completely and ride together.

Enjoy xx


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